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Gearonic Gearonic Multi Function Ballpoint and Stylus Pen for

Gearonic Gearonic Multi Function Ballpoint and Stylus Pen for

This lightweight and stylish 2-in-1 Metallic Gray Touch Screen Stylus Ballpoint Pen is specifically designed for Apple iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad 3, iPhones, iPod Touch and other High-End Touch screen electronics that use the latest capacitive touch screen technology such as the iPhone 4S. Generally you know you have a capacitive touch screen device if you can navigate the screen easily with your finger tip without applying too much pressure. Combining the convenience of a ballpoint pen and soft stylus touch tip, it provides a firm and balanced feel, ensures precise touch and control, and gives you the smoothest navigation without scratching the screen. It’s also a Clip Pen Cap style Ballpoint Pen (Replaceable Ink Refill) which can be clipped onto your pocket, book, diary, etc., you will only need to carry 1 writing utensil around for writing or navigating electronic devices. Please watch out for stylus out on the market that are not specifically designed for capacitive touch screen, but for older resistive technology, those stylus will not work and will damage your screen. Ink color: Black. Pen/stylus Color: Metallic Gray.


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